What’s coming.

Throughout all last year, I wanted to pull my hair out. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and practically on the verge of a mental break. Between the transition from high school to college, travelling to Europe for the first time, and all events in between, it really was quite the roller coaster. So, I was more than happy to say my final goodbye to 2015 and bring about a new change in 2016.


This year I had decided to be more focused on myself, but not in a selfish way. The beginning of the year brought about something dreadful, and I realized that everything is so precious. We are made up of moments, and to be who I really want to be, I have decided to embrace these moments in their wholeness. I am focused on school, yes, but it will not be my all or nothing this year. In 2016 I will take time for myself, do the things that really make me happy, and just find my way.

So what is coming up in 2016? Well, to start with, a brand me perspective. I am changing everything. I have a new blog layout, I had deleted my old instagram account, and I am embracing change like it’s my savior. I will be taking up a lot of photography this year- a LOT! I will be actually keeping up with a regular workout schedule. I will also work to complete more Life List items.

Aside from that all, I will be travelling a lot this year too! My calendar is booked from May to December, and I am quite excited to finally explore so many new places. So, here is what my year looks like so far…

Now-May: New York
May: Italy
June:Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin
July:Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana
August: Washington, California, Florida
September-November: New York
December: Florida

Along the way I hope to complete numerous Life List items, to start writing/ finish my book, take amazing pictures, learn new skills, blog regularly, start vlogging, and become more focused on the present moment. You can follow my journey, and hopefully become inspired to start your own, by following my blog!

-Ashley Rayy